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curet n : a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity [syn: curette] [also: curetting, curettes, curetted]

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A curette is a spoon-shaped surgical instrument for cleaning a diseased surface. As a verb, "to curette" means to use a curette (e.g. to biopsy a mass in the nose.)
Another version of a curette is used by hygienists and periodontists in dental work. Curettes are used to treat gum disease (periodontitis) and the instruments are used below the gum line (sub-gingivally). Curettes remove tartar (calculus) deposits on the tooth root surface, in order to allow the gum (which will have become inflamed by the calculus) to heal.
Dental curettes look considerably different from their surgical counterparts, being long and thin with sharp hooked ends. They include ranges of curette styles including Graceys, Langers and Columbias.


One use of curettes is in adenoidectomy. A mirror is placed at the back of the throat to enable the adenoids to be seen, then the curette is placed in position. The mirror is extracted, then the curette is swept across the adenoids, cutting them away.
Dental curettes are used in the treatment of periodontitis.
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